07 January 2004

"Failing Simply" Wednesday January 7 2004

One of the things I've resolved to do this year -- as part of living a simpler more rhythmic life -- is to wake up no later than 8 am on work days giving me ample time for morning prayers and the Bible. So far I've made it only once. Going to bed earlier would seem to play a part in this but I have succeeded in that at least half of the days. That's a start I suppose. I do find that when I spend the night before not watching much TV or wasting time various other ways I am much more focused on my morning goals and certainly at greater peace. I know this makes a difference. If nothing else, over the past few months of reading I've learned that each of things I do today affects the next thing I do and the next day I live. To know that and live it with total reliance on God is amazing.

I want to live in the contentment and joy of Christ. Giving up things that steal my time, attention, and money from Him will only take me part of the way but it's a step that at this point I have much to be excited about and thankful for.

This weekend I'm off to Cincinnati for a conference and time with my friends at Vineyard Central. Words and pictures when I return.

reading: Richard J. Foster - FREEDOM OF SIMPLICITY

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