01 January 2004

New Year's Day

I spent New Year's Eve/New Years with some lovely folks this year first in downtown Harrisburg eating some tasty food with unfortunately loud and busy surroundings. We had planned on staying there in the center of it all to see a cow painted like a strawberry drop at midnight but noone was really excited about it -- even less than we were initially when it we thought it would be the normal strawberry -- so we ventured back to Joel Semke's apartment. There we of course watched the ball drop in New York (less interesting every year) but not before catching some 50's era Nat King Cole songs on PBS including some great back and forth with Sammy Davis Jr doing imitations one of the other. Really nice warm stuff there.

The Coldplay Live 2003 DVD was thrown in after that. These guys really do a number on me. I few days ago I attempted to do some cleaning/arranging in my room while I had it on in the "background." Ha! I'd always end up glancing over... a glance that would last 3 songs likely with my jaw hanging slack. Last night while 1/3 playing a game and 2/3 watching the DVD I remarked that if I can find a girl who can do for me what Coldplay does in the perfect moments they throw in their songs then I will be set. What a silly comparison. I retired before most others to do prayers and read a bit of Acts. This year I am truly excited to have set aside more time for those things. More on that soon....

And morning came. The last one up was I but at 9:30! That's pretty early for New Years isn't it? Leanna made omelets letting each person choose exactly what they wanted in it and selflessly ate last. Even in 2004 I am still a "vanilla" kind of guy I guess, still I had some goat cheese (is that exotic?) in mine along with mozzarella, cheddar, and some ham. A morning like this reminds me some of how community can be. I guess ideally we wouldn't be gathered around a t.v. though as long as it doesn't replace interaction -- which there was plenty of critiquing the redecorating/colors -- then it's fine.

Thank you Joel for letting us hang with you at your place. Thank you Janelle for being the sub-host when Joel had to go, superb! Thank you Lena for your kind heart. Thank you Tiffany for not ever pouncing on me again to wake me up like you did today :). Thank you friends for being there.

Joel has great books in his room.
Note-to-self: borrow some world event books from Joel.

A New Year of wellness to you all.

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