26 February 2004

Thursday February 26 2004

Since I last wrote:

1. Spent one day and two night in State College with Adam & Joy along with the other fascinating Christmas party guests. Kindra Nicholaides took the train into Harrisburg from Philly and accompanied Krista Burger and I on our drive to the festivities. Janelle Monroe and Kindra stuck around the to next day at the Ryan's though a very late game of Trivial Pursuit -- Janelle was so tired that she refused to play instead making tired noises on the sofa --, wonderful waffles courtesy of the newlyweds, a bookstore visit for the girls, a SPINAL TAP viewing for Adam and I, and some lovely dinner prepared by Joy. That evening after Janelle left we played "full contact" (some swatting and pushing, but no yelling!) TABOO boys vs. girls which was fantastic. Oh and the boys won. The drive home with Kindra was full of great dialogue, fuzzy jazz radio, and thankfulness that unlike last time I drove back our conversation didn't cause me to miss exits.

2. Finally talked to my friend Megan Kaufman for the first time since she moved back to Spain last August. "Hi Megan, I'll write more to you soon."

3. a. Turned 23 and feel every bit the year older. Seriously. Old.
b. Received the Line 6 Delay pedal for my birthdayfrom my mom. Amazing she is. Also a money clip from Megan with the big cool Euro symbol, a gift certificate to Hearts and Minds Books (my favorite book store) from Tiffany, the DVD directors cut of DANCES WITH WOLVES from Adam & Joy, and tons more. I love my friends and family.

4. Started a week long fast from solid foods as part of Lent (Tuesday at sundown) and prayerfully to have more clarity in the particulars of my near future. Focus.

That pretty much brings us up to date. I'm sure I forgot things but there is plenty more room for those things later.

06 February 2004

"Merry Christmas, it's February." Friday February 6 2004

"Oh no! Snow and rain and ice." This was my morning. All the cars on my street are parked parallel which is fine normally as this fact is likely the reason for what parking skills I have. But on a morning like this it's a disaster. I stood on the curb two feet above looking at the street below once covered in snow and now an ocean of water and ice of depth I could not determine. I had little choice but to step as far out as possible and find out the depth the hard way. Jumping would only make the mess worse with splashing but if only would have known how much of that there would be later..... So I stepped and the water covered my shoe briefly until I could get my other foot further out and then finally onto solid ice. I should mention that there is a small hole gashed into my right brown dress shoe. Not good.

Last night I heard people talking about the various thickness' of ice predicted to have covered everything this morning and then I found it trivial. Now? Horrific. I was now standing beside my car covered in at least an inch of jagged (that makes it sound scary right?) and there are cars not three feet from me whizzing passed. Of course it doesn't "hit me" until the first splash of ice cold slush water soaks my pants how the puddle was only the beginning. I'd say at least twenty cars spewed water at me as I chipped away at the ice. So, I was soaked as I finally arrived at work having much of the same repeated as I walked across the parking lot to the employee entrance. My socks are now almost dry.

On a much more pleasing note, tonight I am driving to State College for Adam and Joy Ryan's Christmas party. Adam and Joy, who were married in an amazing ceremony on Dec 27, are two of my dearest friends who really champion the idea of reasonably thinking outside the box. They were so busy with all the wedding stuff (with it originally planned for May) that they decided to celebrate Christmas later. It will be the first time I've seen them since the big day, so much to look forward to. There is nothing like a gathering of warm and intelligible people especially for a holiday celebration.

Merry Christmas... Perhaps it should be Marry Christmas. Haha. Happy February.

03 February 2004

Tuesday February 3 2004

I finally picked up a copy of Radiohead's AMNESIAC late last week and just as with KID A and HTTT I am initially finding a few songs that amazing and easily accessible with the rest left to grow into. Sometimes the best albums are so good because parts can be very challenging. And really it is the listener who needs to grow often times to "get it" rather than how people say the song "grows on you". How did I not buy the album when it came out? No idea. I'm normally pretty rabid about getting new releases by my bands. Whatever it was, rest assured that I am cured.

The recording for Kim's record went well two Thursdays ago. Zach (producer/engineer/musician) ended up playing me three songs all of which sounded amazing. We worked on one song (currently untitled) that day on which I added stereo electric guitars, wah guitar, and some oscillating Crumar synth. My dad gave me the Crumar many years ago and I've been wanting to get it recorded for years. Turns out we spent an hour nit-picking the sound, speed, and notes for the synth part which amounted to less than 40 seconds of playing. We're such geeks! Looking forward to more.

My efforts to post pictures here have been less than fruitful. Hopefully that will be ironed out soon.

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