03 February 2004

Tuesday February 3 2004

I finally picked up a copy of Radiohead's AMNESIAC late last week and just as with KID A and HTTT I am initially finding a few songs that amazing and easily accessible with the rest left to grow into. Sometimes the best albums are so good because parts can be very challenging. And really it is the listener who needs to grow often times to "get it" rather than how people say the song "grows on you". How did I not buy the album when it came out? No idea. I'm normally pretty rabid about getting new releases by my bands. Whatever it was, rest assured that I am cured.

The recording for Kim's record went well two Thursdays ago. Zach (producer/engineer/musician) ended up playing me three songs all of which sounded amazing. We worked on one song (currently untitled) that day on which I added stereo electric guitars, wah guitar, and some oscillating Crumar synth. My dad gave me the Crumar many years ago and I've been wanting to get it recorded for years. Turns out we spent an hour nit-picking the sound, speed, and notes for the synth part which amounted to less than 40 seconds of playing. We're such geeks! Looking forward to more.

My efforts to post pictures here have been less than fruitful. Hopefully that will be ironed out soon.

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