31 March 2004

"Discount?" Wednesday March 31 2004

Yesterday after helping a customer find a vacuum belt and bringing him to the register he asked: " Can I get an employee discount on that?"

I replied, "Do you work here (at Sears)?"

"No but my friend does."

At this point I'm sure I made a silly expression or rolled my eyes and said "Not unless you want your friend fired." You see, the friend would have to ring up the sale to get away with it and you aren't allowed to ring up your own sale.

The costumer jokingly responded, "Well I don't care if he gets fired."

"Than I guess he's not really your friend and so, no discount."

What a satisfying exchange for what started out so annoyingly.

Today I am working open to close (9:30am - 9:30pm). I've finally put some padded inserts into my brown dress shoes to make the day a little more bearable
. Thanks Mom.

25 March 2004

"The Wrong Hand"
Thursday March 25 2004

Earlier this week I was walking through the living room towards the kitchen with a just-put-out glass encased candle in one hand and a half full glass of water in the other when a thirst came over me and so I began to lift one hand towards my mouth... the wrong hand. Thank goodness I realized which was which before the wet wax scalded my mouth. Regularly I go into the kitchen with something to put it away and it almost ends up in the fridge when in fact it often doesn't even belong in the kitchen. Do these things happen to you? Why do you think it is? Then again, how else would I have tried orange juice or parmesan cheese in my cereal.

I went to see the new Charlie Kaufman (being john malkovich, human nature, adaptation) scripted movie ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND upon it's release on Friday. Having read the script a good six months ago there weren't many surprises plot wise but some really creative versions of scenes that I wasn't sure could exist. The movie's press says that Michel Gondry did all the effects "in camera" versus doing CGI etc. I truly find this hard to believe but then again he is a master. Regardless of the "how", Michel and crew pulled off some great stuff with my only complaint being how claustrophobic and shaky all of the camera work was throughout with the exception of some shots on the ice which were framed pretty well. Anyway, it's a fun movie with a great premise. You'll probably enjoy it.

In the latest issue of THE BELIEVER (despite the title it's not a religious magazine, it mostly concerns literature) there is an excerpt from a forthcoming biography written by Dave Eggers. It's nice to read some new writing from him and it seems to be part of a pretty compelling story that could address some important issues. Both Borders and B&N carry the magazine so check out it. Always good interviews in it too.

12 March 2004

Friday March 12 2004

Lately I've had my days helped along by....

music: Air - TALKIE WALKIE


food: Homemade smoothies from pineapple, vanilla non-fat yogurt, strawberries, banana, ice, and some protein mix. It's a hold over from my fast that if for no other reason makes me happy that I did the fast.

tv: Catching up on Gilmore Girls episodes.

time: Trying to remember when Adam and Joy get back from Singapore and which laws they broke.

reading: New York Times, Michael Chabon's children's book SUMMERLAND

brain: ... Putting to use all the things on my mind, how do i make a difference? Isn't that the way a life is truely is worth something? Not how big the difference is or how small of course but that it's the right difference for that person to make. hmmm. i'll chew on that for a while.

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