31 March 2004

"Discount?" Wednesday March 31 2004

Yesterday after helping a customer find a vacuum belt and bringing him to the register he asked: " Can I get an employee discount on that?"

I replied, "Do you work here (at Sears)?"

"No but my friend does."

At this point I'm sure I made a silly expression or rolled my eyes and said "Not unless you want your friend fired." You see, the friend would have to ring up the sale to get away with it and you aren't allowed to ring up your own sale.

The costumer jokingly responded, "Well I don't care if he gets fired."

"Than I guess he's not really your friend and so, no discount."

What a satisfying exchange for what started out so annoyingly.

Today I am working open to close (9:30am - 9:30pm). I've finally put some padded inserts into my brown dress shoes to make the day a little more bearable
. Thanks Mom.

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