12 March 2004

Friday March 12 2004

Lately I've had my days helped along by....

music: Air - TALKIE WALKIE


food: Homemade smoothies from pineapple, vanilla non-fat yogurt, strawberries, banana, ice, and some protein mix. It's a hold over from my fast that if for no other reason makes me happy that I did the fast.

tv: Catching up on Gilmore Girls episodes.

time: Trying to remember when Adam and Joy get back from Singapore and which laws they broke.

reading: New York Times, Michael Chabon's children's book SUMMERLAND

brain: ... Putting to use all the things on my mind, how do i make a difference? Isn't that the way a life is truely is worth something? Not how big the difference is or how small of course but that it's the right difference for that person to make. hmmm. i'll chew on that for a while.

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