13 July 2004

"Words I've Been Reading" July 13, 2004

This week I've been rereading parts of Thomas Merton's NEW SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION (as well as a collection of journals 1967/68) which is proving to be just as revelatory as the first time. Often I just stop mid page to bracket or underline sections so that in the new day I can go back to them and really get them in my mind. How I ever got through it the first time I'm not sure.... There is SO much here! I thought I would share a little from Chapter 9:

"Love comes out of God and gathers us to God in order to pour itself back into God through all of us and bring us all back to Him on the tide of His own infinite mercy.

So we all become doors and windows through which God shines back into His own house.

When the Love of God is in me, God is able to love you through me and you are able to love God through me. If my soul were closed to that love, God's love for you and your love for God and God's love for Himself in you and in my, would be denied the particular expression which it finds through me and through no other.

Because God's love is in me, it can come to you from a different and special direction that would be closed if He did not live in me, and because His love is in you, it can come to me from a quarter from which it would not otherwise come. And because it is in both of us, God has greater glory. His love is expressed in two more ways in which it would not otherwise be expressed; that is, in two more joys that could not exist without Him."

Otherwise, I have cancelled NetFlix to reappropriate the funds as lately I just don't much time to watch the movies despite the great selection and price. As much as I don't want to cave to all these things that society says I need and requires me to spend money on I think it might be time to get a cell phone so that I can be more available to do musical things and hopefully for the greater good. If you do have NetFlix, check out the documentary LIFE AND DEBT which is about Jamaica and their relationship as debtor to the International Monetary Fund as well as the effect of world trade policies on their country. Really something else.

Going to see the Phillies play the Cubs next weekend in Philly with some friends. Brand new park out there should be fun.

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