18 October 2004

"My New Location" October 18, 2004

Last weekend I picked up most of my things and moved both I and them to the parsonage of Saint Mark's United Methodist Church (UMC). Built in 1928 - as was the church - with beautiful multi-toned brick, a fairy tale inspired red rounded-top door, and most recently updated with central air... you can find it just off the north side of Harrisburg's Front Street separated from the presently calm Susquehanna River only by Wendy's. Luke Foley and Brandon Sundberg share the plentiful space with me. I think them for inviting me along to seek out and inhabit it. Only a week into it we've had memorable conversations and plenty of laughs over what we have yet to buy for the place having just assumed it would be there when we reached for it. We almost have the problem remedied now.

The long four window wall of my second floor room faces over out driveway, a sort of concrete courtyard, toward the classroom and office windows of the church. it's nice to be able to enjoy viewing the same brick of our house from inside viewing the church from my desk. The window of my more narrow all frames an evergreen tree, a fern perhaps, which this winter should look particularly stunning with snow blowing about and finally settling on the branches. Shoveling the driveway will be another matter entirely though in truth I often don't mind that kind of repetitive physical labor. A good way to clear the mind and why should we be running and hiding from God's creation anyway? I will try to do less of that.

Feel free to email me for my new address and/or phone number if I failed to get it to you already.

cd player: Brad Mehldau - LIVE IN TOKYO (solo piano)
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