24 November 2004

"Starting It" November 24, 2004

One night at house church in Norwood, Ohio just before moving back to Pennsylvania (2003) I asked a friend and pastor there what he thought I should do about "church" when I got back. After talking about certain things working and others not for a type of church and where I was, he said that I should just start something there.

Often my work schedule kept me from being either on time or able to attend house church across the street from my apartment in the community (brown) house, but I was at least there over 50% of the time. Sometimes how I felt about my job, myself, or just my day really made me not want to go. Many people often feel this way about church in any format. If I went I would be exposed to these people. Surely the ones who knew me would see through me and I couldn't just coast through hiding in the back of the room. That's hard when people are facing every direction. It's hard when you let these people into your life in a way where there is mutual challenging, encouragment, and accountability. Hard but so rewarding and necessary. And now, "Otherwise, what's the point?" is my thinking.

A few weeks ago Nathan Horst and I spent three pre-dawn morning hours talking in his living room. We spoke of trying to hear God/know His will, concepts of worship, frustrations of percieved and acted Christianity, and how things could maybe work. All of these things usually punctuated with an uncertainty, a weariness, but in that we sat there together with ideas bouncing back and forth constantly there was a wide-eyed hope for change: a move upwards. Finally he said, "Let's do this." God's timing, despite what we may think, is a wonderful surprise worth waiting it out for.

This Sunday night a group of us are getting together to start this up and talk about ideas a bit just to stir up some thought. But as Janelle said to Nathan and I "Let's just do it." She's right. Let's figure it out as we go - walking in God's grace and His desire for an active salvation in our lives.

Thank you Kevin, Dave, and the folks at Vineyard Central for planting this seed. Here we go.

reading: THE ART OF THE COMMONPLACE: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry

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