17 January 2005


This morning on the way to work I listened to members of the Girl's Choir of Harlem read King's "I Have a Dream" speech on NPR. Three times phrases spoken filled my eyes with water and my being with emotion. Feelings of a want for justice, a sadness for the history, and finally a great hope. Monday morning ALL THINGS CONSIDERED (NPR) stories have stirred me greatly the last two monthes. Interviews with the grief stricken parents of soldiers slain in Iraq have also touched me deeply similar mornings. I wonder if each of these times have been mondays. Is this coming out of the esperience of house church sunday nights? This seems to be the best quess that if nothing else a greater sensitivity towards others and a pushing out of borders of what we consider "community" has taken place. This is something to rejoice for! And still much to look forward to.

House church was at the Horst's yesterday. I was out doing sound for the Farewell Flight boys in Middletown just before and since 3/4 of the band does sunday nights with us we moved the start time to 7pm and went with coffee and left over cake from Nathaniel Horst's first birthday party. Yum! Becca Page joined us last night. She is new in town having lived in State College and attended church there with friends of mine at the Antioch churches there. There is a calming presence that abides with her and still sense of something turning underneath. Must be as it is worthwhile when it comes out. These are my first impressions. It's good to have her along when she can. Nathan and I picked out some songs and we had a time of singing worship in the living room. Doing this was one of my favorite parts of house church in Cincy and our first try here was amazing. There as some spontanious praying and words between songs and so much beautiful expressive singing to God. I felt so unified with my brothers and sisters there that night. It's something that lingers with me now and on my outlook about the church in general. I should post some pictures soon.

12 January 2005

"Folding It Down and Ascending the Ladder" January 12, 2005

Last night I finally made a new year's resolution solid. Another step forward and upward. On the 3rd I moved my television and dvd player from my room with the intention of storing or using it elsewhere in the house. It instead sat outside my door in the hallway. During it's stay in my bedroom I often found myself switching it on upon coming home as background sound. Quickly it would take over my time. Easily I could spend a few hours (1) watching random sitcoms, (2) news stories that I had already heard covered better on NPR earlier in the day, (3) hour-long dramadies with content not particularly good for my mind tempting me with a reclessness that can be appealing, and (4) on dvds, that despite my discriminating tastes, are still often a waste of money (renting) and time. Neither the time or the money I use are mine. They are God's. I should say though that I will still watch some TV and watch movies just more moderately and with intention as I should all things: my other new years resolution. A big one too.

Continuing my story: Between others using the television downstairs when I wanted to, the dvd player or television being elsewhere, or when wanting to watch a foreign language film which neither of my housemates like I had moved my television and dvd player back into my room two times for a night each. I did catch a great set from Wilco on Austin City Limits (PBS) during one but if I'd gone to sleep instead of that I would have been slightly fresher for waking up at 5am , playing guitar at Life Center for a practice and two services that morning, and for house church which I hosted that night. [We had a great time Sunday morning playing, btw. Ran my Line 6 delay in stereo for the first time too. Big thanks to Johanna and Tiffany for having me along.]

This is getting long... Last night after 11pm I folded down the latter and alone precariously carried my television up into the attic where it now sits beside boxes of out of season clothing, old papers, and other things currently unused. Now if I wanted to use that television I'd HAVE to get someone to help my bring it down and they would likely ask if I really needed it. Perfect!

Megan flew back to Spain on Monday. While here we ate dinner at a decent Viatnamese resteraunt, Viatnamense Garden I think, just down the street from the Midtown Cinema where we saw A VERY LONG ENGAGMENT starring Audrey Tatou and directed by AMELIE creator Jean-Pierre Jeunet. While there are some fun bits in it, don't go expecting another super cute and stylish movie like AMELIE. It's a movie about love held up by war (some of the war scenes are pretty graphic) with a little bit of mystery thrown in. I found the mystery part hard to follow but enjoyed the pay off. We also had dinner with Janelle and Joel Semke last week. Janelle is a fantastic cook. Our conversations kept us at the dinner table long after we finished the meal and dessert. Also received a Christmas gift from Megan, a fairly traded framed painting on cloth from Africa. Near perfect night.

Katie and Nathan Horst made -- that's right, not bought -- for me by hand a scarf! And it took them two trys. I love these people. They constantly inspire me. I am so blessed to have them as friends, occasional band mates, AND fellow housechurch attendees/co-hosts. Nathan and I have started writing for the recording we are doing in conjunction with the
800.000 project. Great things are taking shape. I am happy to be a part SO many quality people. The Horst's son, Nathaniel, will be one year old this weekend. Big party for him on Saturday night. What to bring a person who doesn't read, talk, or walk?

Here's to watching movies with friends and reading and writing much more.

Currently recommended media of worth:
THE LIFE AQUATIC. dir: Wes Anderson. starring: Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett... (theatre)
KUNDUN. dir: Martin Scorsese. cinematography: Roger Deakins. music: Philip Glass. (dvd)
GOD'S POLITICS. written by Jim Wallis (editor and founder of Sojourners). Read the introduction and first chapter last night after the move. A very relevant, brand new, and comprehensive work from a truely prophetic and Biblical voice on the topic. (hardcover book)
SLING BLADE original motion picture soundtrack. music by Daniel Lanois and Mark Howard. (cd)
GILMORE GIRLS. The show seems to be back on track this season with more fleshed out town character story arcs, great dialog, and progressivly less reccuring adultry. (WB television)
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