17 January 2005


This morning on the way to work I listened to members of the Girl's Choir of Harlem read King's "I Have a Dream" speech on NPR. Three times phrases spoken filled my eyes with water and my being with emotion. Feelings of a want for justice, a sadness for the history, and finally a great hope. Monday morning ALL THINGS CONSIDERED (NPR) stories have stirred me greatly the last two monthes. Interviews with the grief stricken parents of soldiers slain in Iraq have also touched me deeply similar mornings. I wonder if each of these times have been mondays. Is this coming out of the esperience of house church sunday nights? This seems to be the best quess that if nothing else a greater sensitivity towards others and a pushing out of borders of what we consider "community" has taken place. This is something to rejoice for! And still much to look forward to.

House church was at the Horst's yesterday. I was out doing sound for the Farewell Flight boys in Middletown just before and since 3/4 of the band does sunday nights with us we moved the start time to 7pm and went with coffee and left over cake from Nathaniel Horst's first birthday party. Yum! Becca Page joined us last night. She is new in town having lived in State College and attended church there with friends of mine at the Antioch churches there. There is a calming presence that abides with her and still sense of something turning underneath. Must be as it is worthwhile when it comes out. These are my first impressions. It's good to have her along when she can. Nathan and I picked out some songs and we had a time of singing worship in the living room. Doing this was one of my favorite parts of house church in Cincy and our first try here was amazing. There as some spontanious praying and words between songs and so much beautiful expressive singing to God. I felt so unified with my brothers and sisters there that night. It's something that lingers with me now and on my outlook about the church in general. I should post some pictures soon.

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