31 July 2005

Listening to N.T. Wright speak from sometime in the past few years while folding my laundry.
"Understanding and Implementing Jesus' Gospel in the Present" is the title which, among other great talks, can be downloaded from
http://www.emergentvillage.com/ for free.

"Jesus accomplished something which the early church then implemented...
... an achievement [that] then has to be worked through"

He goes on to compare the relationship that Jesus has with Paul/church (of the time AND today) to that of a composer and the conductor/orchestra; we, the church, need to be true to perform the piece which has already been written. Some others call it "living out a narrative" or "in a story". And we all are doing it, rightly and wrongly, whether we know it or not. It's worth your time to listen to I think.

current reading: THE UPSIDE-DOWN KINGDOM by Donald B. Kraybill

22 July 2005

"North of Frackville"

A little over a week ago I played bass for
Farewell Flight at the Camp Hill Borough Building for a United Way benefit. The best of the other acts performing was Koji on the Roof. Not only did Andrew (who IS the band essentially) somehow manage to hush the crowd with simply his acoustic guitar and soft voice, he took us away to a beautiful place with his songs. A place that we often forget to live, where the details of life are strangely intermingled and even when they don't completely please us are still marvelous in their conectivity and richness of color. I recommend Koji.

We spent some time after the show having dinner with Andrew and some other show attendees. August 6 there was to be a day of music at Lower Paxton Community Center which Andrew asked me to play on the acoustic stage. It's been moved to the 20th. I am really looking forward to playing out some new songs since it's been a while. Pushes me to write a bit more as well and to record even a short new collection.... Yikes, I just found out that Farewell Flight is playing Purple Door that day and I should be there to help. Hmmmm. I guess we'll see.

This Sunday I am leading the music for the worship service down in York as Nathan and Katie Horstare visiting family. Joining me will be the multi-talented Aaron Royer and Suzanna Espamer who has a vocal flair beyond her years. There is this Cindy Rethmeier song that I've wanted to do for so long. It's called "You're the One I Love" and it's gorgeously simple.

Megan has been moving into her apartment over the past week. Tuesday, after waking up very early to walk to Lancaster Central Market and eating a wonderfully full breakfast with food from there, we drove north two hours a bit beyond Frackville to Megan's aunt's place to pick up some furniture and visit. They have a trout farm/hatchery there that we got a quick tour of. It's one of the last hatcheries not to use chemicals their process. Megan and I were very proud for this. I also met their three horses having lured them with a bag of carrots out of their stalls into the humid fly-filled outside air. To be fair to the air, it was the horses that attracted the flys. We arrived back in Lancaster where Megan's furniture had just arrived an hour and a half late. Thankfully her Mom stuck around. Furniture is hard to arrange in an unlived-in room with blank walls and so we are sure that the shape will change but for now, the last of four (or five) arrangements we were happy enough with. Or at least we were too sweaty and tired to continue.

A friend of mine, Travis Miller, had an incident with his motorcycle Monday night. It somehow ended up on top of him with the handlebar either slammed against the front of his torso or into it, not sure still. He had to have his spleen removed and part of his pancreas and did spend some time in the ICU after surgery but they are now sure that he will be fine. I found out through a very indirect chain of people with sketchy info. I only knew that the accident happened for less than an hour before I got the rest of the story that he'd be alright. What a strange period of time. If you think of it, keep the Miller family in your prayers. It's always a rough time.
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