31 July 2005

Listening to N.T. Wright speak from sometime in the past few years while folding my laundry.
"Understanding and Implementing Jesus' Gospel in the Present" is the title which, among other great talks, can be downloaded from
http://www.emergentvillage.com/ for free.

"Jesus accomplished something which the early church then implemented...
... an achievement [that] then has to be worked through"

He goes on to compare the relationship that Jesus has with Paul/church (of the time AND today) to that of a composer and the conductor/orchestra; we, the church, need to be true to perform the piece which has already been written. Some others call it "living out a narrative" or "in a story". And we all are doing it, rightly and wrongly, whether we know it or not. It's worth your time to listen to I think.

current reading: THE UPSIDE-DOWN KINGDOM by Donald B. Kraybill
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