24 August 2005

"Assasination, Broken Flowers, a New Record, Good Design, and a Man Named Brueggemann"

Yesterday morning I awoke to hear recountings of Pat Robertson's, former Republican Presidential primary candidate and current 700 Club host of the Christian Broadcasting Network, comments calling the United States government to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. I wasn't so much shocked by the statement but more grieved that once again Christ has been so grossly misrepresented by a prominent church spokesperson, if only self- and media-appointed.

Megan and I talked about it a little last night over the phone before bed. I was having trouble figuring out why Robertson would pick Chavez over a number of other international leaders. To me it seemed quite random. She mentioned that since Chavez has been so outspoken in his criticism of the Bush administration that Robertson's statement likely was a response to defend a party associate from one GOP heavy-hitter to another. From a nationalist/blanket pro-United States, GOP party loyalist, and greater security standpoint this kind of statement makes some sense but as a follower of Christ?

THIS is why nationalism and its littler, more meekly named, brother patriotism are so dangerous ESPECIALLY for Christian brothers and sisters. These are dominant mind-sets of our secular world and they can and will co-opt what should be our Christian alternative consciousness if we give them ground through lip service and blind association. Here is a good response that I found linked in today's PRISM email:
Tuesday 08/23/05 Pat Robertson: Kill Chavez! . To this I say, as others have, "Amen" and add that I will be keeping our brother in prayer. I hope you are able to do the same.

In other less serious news, we went to see, the new Jim Jarmusch directed Bill Murray movie, BROKEN FLOWERS at the Midtown Cinema Friday night. Overall it was enjoyable but it really seemed to lack content. Now I realize that people said that about LOST IN TRANSLATION which I loved. The difference there was that film did an excellent job at taking scenes simply containing travel in a taxi and not just making them look good but actually making them an integral part to the feeling of being lost in a strange, colorful, and almost fantasy filled place. I would say that BROKEN FLOWERS is worth renting if you are a Murray fan and don't mind wading through for a couple of rewarding film moments. Then again, Megan and I might have been a bit hopped up on coffee. We had a great time no matter and always do!

Farewell Flight, who I have filled-in for in the past and whose current and former roster are all friends of mine, have a new website up designed by Kristin Royer at Computers Speak French. Also I heard that they played quite a set at Purple Door. Way to go guys! Check them out while they still play locally: www.farewellflight.com .

For those of you who care about these types of things: You can legally listen to the entire new Death Cab for Cutie record at http://www.mtvu.com/music/the_leak/death_cab_for_cutie/plans/ a whole week early. Enjoyable.

I am presently reading Walter Brueggemann's THE PROPHETIC IMAGINATION. A fine work thus far especially helpful in tandem with COLOSSIANS REMIXED: SUBVERTING THE EMPIRE as it's authors draw heavily on Brueggemann's idea of dominant and alternative imaginations and I myself can't help from speaking of it often in my conversation. Highly recommended even if the writing style can be a tad dense. Visit Hearts and Minds Books in Dallastown PA for these books and other excellent and life changing books as recommended by Byron Borger and his staff.

Almost forgot to mention... As a result of past and present reading, prompting in our spirits, and much prayer and discussion Megan Kaufman and myself have decided to go vegan. So far it has been very rewarding and encouraging to realize the kind of things we can accomplish together that seem so difficult on our own. Highlight substitute food so far: Just Like Honey Rice Nectar.

13 August 2005

After working a short day at Sears I made my way over to the studio at LCMI where I prepared the studio -- found lighting for the booth, setup mics, made rough mixes ready to overdub onto, rounded up percussion objects, moved around sound-proofing, and ran cables -- for percussion and backing vocal overdubs for Kim Zimmerman's album. Kim Zimmerman, Kim Miller (guitars), and Jim Smith (percussion, vocals) found the studio a little after 6pm at which time we set to work. Congas, shaker, tambourine, rainstick and other mood percussions were added to all tracks but one and we will likely go back later to add djembe to a few. It seems that the overdub booth's ceiling responds to the low end of the djembe by rattling. That is not what we want captured in 24 bit high quality wave files on record. So we will do that elsewhere if the problem is not solved. Experimenting with and deciding on percussion parts really is fun. Especially when there is a large tool chest to choose from. It is amazing how small of a change in a part can clutter or clarify a groove or moment in a song.

Fun night, but now I am tired. Good weekend to you.
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