13 August 2005

After working a short day at Sears I made my way over to the studio at LCMI where I prepared the studio -- found lighting for the booth, setup mics, made rough mixes ready to overdub onto, rounded up percussion objects, moved around sound-proofing, and ran cables -- for percussion and backing vocal overdubs for Kim Zimmerman's album. Kim Zimmerman, Kim Miller (guitars), and Jim Smith (percussion, vocals) found the studio a little after 6pm at which time we set to work. Congas, shaker, tambourine, rainstick and other mood percussions were added to all tracks but one and we will likely go back later to add djembe to a few. It seems that the overdub booth's ceiling responds to the low end of the djembe by rattling. That is not what we want captured in 24 bit high quality wave files on record. So we will do that elsewhere if the problem is not solved. Experimenting with and deciding on percussion parts really is fun. Especially when there is a large tool chest to choose from. It is amazing how small of a change in a part can clutter or clarify a groove or moment in a song.

Fun night, but now I am tired. Good weekend to you.

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