01 September 2005

"A Recluttering"

Tuesday night I stopped over my old place in Shiremanstown, which my mom was just about moved out of, intending to be there only the thirty minutes or so that it would take to pack boxes into my car and head home. All told it took about three hours. I was in the attic for quite a while sweating-through every area of my skin and into my work clothes as I went through boxes of old magazines, paper, comic books, school papers, and family stuff. This is mostly stuff that I hadn't been missing and won't once I choose what I do want to keep and discard/donate the rest. Nice found surprises: issues of PRIZM from the late 90s that I must have picked up at some of the more edgy Christian music concerts I attended, a few drawings that remind me that once upon a time I had a small amount of talent in that area, and A RAISIN IN THE SUN which I don't even remember reading. My mom and I then drove all of these things to my place and quickly carried them up my stairs and into the end of the hall outside my room where they call out to me "You are going to trip over us until you sort us out and you deserve it for what you did (store us away for so long) and will do (get rid of us) to us!"

Megan started teaching on Monday and she does like it so far. We spent Monday night together eating burritos and then at her place. She looked amazing in what she wore for her first day of school but I won't even try to do it justice in description here. I am pleased to say that the drive from Lancaster (there) to Harrisburg (here) really doesn't seem that long and, of course, is totally worth it even with the climbing petroleum prices. Saturday afternoon I will really feel the force of the fuel crisis with my traveling to see Coldplay in New Jersey. Thankfully my mind will be otherwise occupied with the excitement of actually going to the show for free, getting to talk to so many people about fair trade, and riding the wave of glee home anxious to sleep before I must awake early to lead the worship service Sunday morning.

This last week and those to come this month are so full: weddings and their related activities, a record to mix, time with Megan, work at Sears, house church, my Mom's move, and things I haven't found adequate time for. I read a little bit of Wendell Berry last week which I will post soon. He really gets me excited about what is just outside my door, under my feet, and all around sprouting from the ground. It is good to realize and appreciate the wonders of creation.

I am trying write here more often. Your responses and comments do encourage me... whether you like it or not. Haha.

P.S. I should say that Pat Robertson did apologize for his rash statement concerning Chavez but not after claiming that he didn't say it and then that his words were taken out of context. Those last two details are what concern me. So now we need an apology for lying too. Though aren't we all guilty of this kind of cover up? I am.

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