22 September 2005

"A short update. "

On the 10th Paul Roby and Megan Corigan were married at the beautiful Peace Church in Camp Hill accompanied by a reading of I Corinthians 13, a harp player, a Springsteen song, a reading of The Gift of Love, and about 140 people. They are off on a cruise at present and I look forward to seeing them upon return. This weekend, tomorrow, I leave for Cincinnati to attend and play in Kim Nixon and Matthias Beyer's wedding at Old St George church which I have heard so much about. I am so looking forward to seeing dear friends and sites there who I have missed. I wish Megan (Kaufman) could go with me but it just won't work with me leaving Friday morning and she having students to teach. Tonight I do get to see her though. :)

I played keyboard for Nathan Horst's worship team last night at Life Center. Mostly did organ, wurlitzer, and string sounds and was generally ok with how it went taking into account the lack of practice and knowledge of this particular keyboard - Yamaha MOTIF 8. It certainly didn't hurt that I had a stellar group of musicians to work with.

Last weekend Megan and I ate some amazing food at Cedars, a Lebanese resteraunt, in the midtown district of Harrisburg. Afterward we watched PEACE, PROPAGANDA AND THE PROMISED LAND: THE U.S. MEDIA AND THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT at the Midtown Cinema which had a Palestinian film festival running (three films). Good film though could have used more background on the conflict instead of the last twenty minutes of mostly harping on the same stuff over and over again. Certainly the film has encouraged me to use the BBC more as a news source at least on this subject.

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