08 February 2006

In just over three weeks Megan Kaufman and I will be married and I will leave my present home with Luke Foley and Brandon Sundberg for the wonders of downtown Lancaster. My things have been moving slowly from here to there over the past two months trying to find space to fit in there. I must agree that the slow move is the best way if you have the option as trying to combine things all at once would just be overwhelming. Megan is wonderfully patient though, even though she might not think that she is. It's an exciting and very busy time. Oh! Last night we got the marriage license in Lancaster at the court house. Taking one's belt off in a public place, even to go through a metal detector, is really strange though it's actually the putting it back on after the fact that is the strangest. The police guard said "Those mil-i-tar-y style buckles will get ya ev'ry time. (chuckle)" Totally worth it though. Mmmmmmmmmmmm... March!

Nathan Horst (formerly of Farewell Flight) and I finished mixing and brushing up Tiffany Yon's EP, CARE OF, a few nights ago. It should be available during the Firestorm conference at Life Center in Harrisburg on February 22. She started this project over the summer and many hands have stopped in since to touch it up. It will be good to have it available for more ears to hear and Kristin Royer (computersspeakfrench.com) did a great design for the sleeve so it will be worth seeing as well.

Luke, Robbe, and Mark should be home from their second Farewell Flight tour this coming week. Can't wait to see them and hear all about it. If you haven't picked up their new EP, NORTHERN, or at least heard the tracks on myspace.com/farewellflight you should. My Gibson J45 acoustic guitar, played by Luke, is mixed nice and front on some of the songs. Good tones and great new songs.

Kim Zimmerman's live cd, DEEP, is now available through her site. I spent much time working on Kim's music this fall and winter. Thanks for all the wonderful fair trade coffee Kim!

Lately I have been trying to finish PROFIT OVER PEOPLE by Noam Chomsky and started a book on sex and relationships for (to-be) married people called SHEET MUSIC which Megan read just before me. I am looking forward to reading more in the coming weeks with no new projects until after the wedding. Rent NOAM CHOMSKY REBEL WITHOUT A PAUSE if you ever wanted a good look at what Chomsky is all about or just want to challenge your thinking at all. Highly recommended. I also watched THE CONSTANT GARDENER during a few meals over the past two weeks... What a disturbing and gripping film. Thank God for it.

I will be twenty-five years old on Saturday.

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