23 March 2006

An update in brief for anyone interested:

Megan and I were married on March 4 in the evening at the beautiful Ephrata Cloister. We were blessed to have friends and family from far away (Spain, England, Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland) and very close share in the ceremony and the food/festivities after. Thank to all of you who came and/or sent gifts our way. We shall write soon.

We spent the next week (mostly) in a cottage in Claryville NY. While there we hiked up a mountain 1 1/2 times, traveled to a few towns within two hours (at least one was highly over rated), Megan finished reading COLOSSIANS REMIXED and I got further into ROBBING THE BEES and AN INTRODUCTION TO THE OLD TESTAMENT, we cooked much, listened to interesting public radio shows that we hadn't heard before, played cards, and all the other things that people do on honeymoons. Great time. Megan said that she thinks she hadn't relaxed so much in her entire life... at least I think that's what she said.

At the moment we don't have internet access at home but are planning on buying a notebook computer on Saturday and hope to be up and running into next week sometime.

This past Saturday Megan and I participated in the peace walk sponsored by the Lancaster Coalition for Peace and Justice and the Lancaster Inter Church Peace Witness. There were plenty of people from all the different "angles" on peace and anti-war issues and an especially encouraging turnout of Christians in the form of Mennonites, Anabaptists, and Presbyterians. Tonight I will be attending a workshop with the LCPJ. Finally, good things on this horizon.

Megan found a spinnet piano for me for my wedding present. Can you believe that?! She is amazing.

In the next few days I will be deciding on which job to take. One which was offered to me now suddenly seems to be up on the air while another as come through as solid if I want it. There are many factors to weigh: schedule, kind of job, pay, benefits and, the most important, which one God wants for me. If you read this soon, keep my in your prayers and let me know if you hear anything!

Pictures and more words soon.
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