31 August 2006

Mornings have turned cool from (hopefully) the last few days of muggy summer days here in Lancaster city. I've been lax in writing this summer but now with fall soon here and the little children back to school -- not that any of those children are mine; my wife just teaches some of them -- I will be writing a bit more.

A week or two ago I set up another myspace.com account for my music in hopes that I shall soon start playing out again. If you are reading this then you most likely have already heard my 2001 CD but in any case there is a track from that up as well as a very rough demo of a newer song which is unlike any thing else I've written. Listen, comment, and be a friend at myspace.com/chrisflinchbaugh .

In the middle of the summer I spent a few nights in Harrisburg with Nathan Horst doing overdubs (bass, wurlitzer, slide guitar) for Johanna Espamer's CD, KNOWN, which will be in her hands any day now and hopefully soon after in yours and mine. This project was very refreshing to participate in. The musicians (Chandy Thomas, Joel Semke, Nathan Horst, Johanna, and myself) created the arrangements together in a room together (with Gary Shelton: co-producer) and practiced them for a week before recording them as much together as possible. David Burger wrote and performed (real!) string arrangements for a few songs. They turned out really well. In short, I really recommend this CD whether you appreciate it for it's worshipfulness or it's comforting vibe... or both. Almost forgot, Grammy Award winning engineer Richard Dodd (George Harrison, Tom Petty, etc) mastered the CD!

PRINCE CASPIAN, in the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA series, is my most recently finished book. My set of the series has it has book two and so I read it second this time around. This is good bed-time reading.
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