05 June 2008

"Revival" in Lakeland Florida?

My mom mentioned that there was some sort of (Christian-charismatic) revival going on down in Lakeland, Florida that was kicked off after a 5 day meeting that Todd Bentley was doing there at a church. I've heard Todd speak in passing at my former home church and have read a little about him... mostly I found him curious, extreme, non-coherent, and unsettling but not in the good unsettling way. Though I don't claim to have "heard from God" on Todd, these were just my impressions.

To be honest, I am often suspicious of what people label as a "revival". I did some searching about this one. In addition to lots of videos online about people getting healed that seem plausible (though not one backed up by any independent data... not that there aren't any, just didn't find them), if one believes in healings etc to begin with, I found the below video of Todd Bentley speaking during the "revival". I am pretty sure this should raise some concerns. Thoughts?

I've never heard the ".... God told me to do it" explanation used quite this way! Dangerous. What next?
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