27 March 2009

WHERE I STAND [0]: Introduction

Taking two previously proposed series and combining them into one, I plan to write here about where I stand on various subjects, on issues, and in current debates. While I certainly will have a point of view to explain and back up with at least some rational, I am not an unchanging or unchanged person. I have titled these exercises "WHERE I STAND" because they will speak of my present state of thought.

I have believed and embodied different things in the past and guess what, I probably will to some degree in the future. As a friend and I discussed earlier this week, the older we get not only are we made more aware of the possibilities of what to know we also become less certain, or at least dogmatic, about a lot of what we believed/knew before. Does that make me "loosey-goosey" in my beliefs, unable to make a decision on anything? No, not at all but I do spend more time thinking before I decide and speak, though as many of you know not quite enough time. Even as we "decide" I hope our goal is to know more and ultimately toward as much truth as possible. Eager, curious, and questioning discussion is key, not proud debate. There is always more to learn.

Part one coming soon.


Dean Martin said...

This sounds very interesting. I have thought of doing the same thing on my blog. I'm definitely looking forward to the up coming posts.

Shawn said...

Looking forward to this, Chris!

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