15 June 2009

FAVORITE THINGS: ABC Coconut Macaroon Cookie

This is my favorite cookie.

I loooooooooooooove this cookie.

Every year it is available for a few months from the wonderful folks at Alternative Baking Company as their seasonal selection which rotates four or five times a year. I go a little nuts during this block of time and eat at least a few a week. If you can't find this one, hate coconut, or read this too late, check out the Colossal Chocolate Chip a year-round option from this wonderful vegan and more healthy cookie company.

My serving suggestion: Dip it and/or eat it with a glass of good black coffee.

In Lancaster Pennsylvania you can pick this up at Rhubarb's Market where you can also say hello to me if you like. Otherwise, many natural grocery stores are likely to carry it and even a few fine coffee shops. Cheers.


shawn said...

I so want to try this now, Chris! Looks tasty, and I love the art direction! I can't say that about many cookies.

juniper pearl said...

curse you, abc macaroon, for fattening my tummy and thinning my wallet! this is seriously the nummiest cookie EVER. i keep buying them pretending that i'm stocking up for when their season ends, but we all know that i'm just going to keep devouring them the second i get home. you are a cruel dealer, alternative baking company.

Shawn said...

That was one delicious cookie! Thank you, Chris!

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