10 July 2009

A Confession of Unrecorded Songs

This is a list (partial I'm sure) of unrecorded songs. Some of them are as old as nine years old while a few of them need a little bit of finishing. Regardless, I feel they are all worthwhile but I need some regular kicks in the butt to get some of them put down. I've stalled and stalled for years now, debilitated by options and my own expectations. Sometimes it has seemed better not to ruin it than to try. That has gotten old.

Here's the list. Help me out. Ideas? Anything will do.

And Go To Sleep
As Much As You Want / Before the Sunset Comes
Day Before the First Snow
Fields Painted Golden
For One Good Reason
Have You Seen the Morning
In the Park
It's Alright
It's Us We Want
Model Volunteer
Motels and Stages
Need To Take This On
Our Own Plans
Out There
Salt and Spice
Stay By the River (That's Golden)
Sunday's Big Parade
The Beautiful Girl
The Song As Sung
Things I Take For Granted
Whirly Wheel
You Are Bright

P.S. I have not included songs geared towards group church singing. They may have their own path.
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