08 October 2009

In search of a Vegan Pumpkin Latte

Autumn arrived a few weeks ago and with it thoughts of ciders and other seasonal drinks. Having seen sandwich boards and heard talk of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at various establishments, this year I was determined to find one that was vegan.

One of my coworkers who also works at Starbucks regularly keeps me in the loop about which seasonal drinks are and are not "Chris-friendly"= vegan. There haven't been many lately and, sadly, the Pumpkin Latte also doesn't fit the bill even without the whip cream and with a soy milk substitute for dairy. Starbucks uses a concentrate containing condensed milk. Okay, so the big corporate chain doesn't have it, no big surprise but still a disappointment since their lattes are the most consistent from visit to visit.

Today I visited Square One Coffee on Duke Street in Lancaster. We carry their Fair Trade Organic coffees at my work. I love their coffee and general attitude towards it and since I saw one of those sandwich boards outside last week I've been wondering if I'd strike gold there. Bad news, they use a concentrate with condensed milk too. They did offer a steamed cider for me which helped soften the blow and then did something a chain likely wouldn't. She, one of the owners, suggested checking out Prince Street Cafe since they use syrup instead of a concentrate.

Next stop, Prince Street Cafe.

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