10 January 2010

FAVORITE THINGS: 2009 [part one]


Our friends, Aaron and Kristin, had one of the best theme parties I've ever been invited to. It was a Twin Peaks marathon. Without giving all of their original ideas away I can say the party's food reflected key foods from the series. A late addition to the food creativity, or early quitter preventative measure, was that we wait until each food item appeared in the series before the party could indulge. Don't worry, most foods appear pretty early so we didn't go hungry for long. Plenty of ideas on how to do throw this sort of party are online, so do some digging.

If you give this a try don't expect to make it through the whole series in one day, we didn't. The pilot and most of the first season is a good goal. Most viewers took and will take the initiative to complete the series on their own while spreading the word of Twin Peaks' bizarre and wildly addictive world.

As for Twin Peaks itself, David Lynch and Mark Frost's 1990-1991 ABC television series told the story of a big city FBI agent in the deceivingly ordinary small town of Twin Peaks investigating the murder of the town sweetheart, prom-queen Laura Palmer. As small pieces of the puzzle are solved, if only temporarily, new layers of the mystery are revealed as the viewer is drawn deeper and deeper into the seductively fascinating and unsettling muck of Twin Peaks.

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