05 February 2010


During my second day of recovery on my back, I watched a great documentary called BEER WARS. It is the closest thing to a FOOD INC type movie for the United States beer industry.

Directed and guided by former Mike's Hard Lemondate head Anat Baron, with a quick summary of its history here the film moves onto detailing how it has changed through buy-outs, distribution channels and shut-outs, shelf space, independents (Dogfish Head, Stone, New Belgium, Moonshot, Yuengling...), conglomerations, and the film's arch-nemesis: Anheuser Busch. 

As you might guess, the film is skewed towards advocating independent, regional, and craft breweries but not without its own rational. Just so happens I generally agree. 

It is available now on DVD, through NetFlix streaming, and through the OnDemand feature for most of the big U.S. cable services. 

Check out the trailer:

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