06 March 2010



My Dad was and is an avid Beatles fan so their albums and their subsequent solo works, particularly McCartney's, were staples of my childhood soundtrack. I remember the big square vinyl cover for albums like McCartney's Wing's Back to the Egg on the living room carpet in front of the stereo. I remembered staring at it in wonder, smelling its magical cardboard and paper sleeve, but I didn't remember the specific sounds.

A few months ago I heard the familiar layered quirky harmonies of my childhood again. Where did I hear them? I don't know. I suppose my memory of the specifics has been overwhelmed with the magic of the moment. A week ago I finally ordered one puzzle piece. Paul McCartney's Tug of War was released in April 1982 a little over one year after my birth. All of the songs aren't gems.... well maybe none of them are completely but I love the thing in all its silliness and sap. This is an album of moments.

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