14 March 2010


I haven't been to a church in about a month. Before that it had been at least a month and a half and that was intentional. So this is not a confessional. I burned out, along with plenty of other folks, after the church community we helped plant had its fill of crisis and persecution from the outside establishment. We plan on visiting some places in the near future but tonight we enjoyed a sermon on DVD. Is THAT community? No. Don't be silly, church isn't the only type of community.

Author/pastor Rob Bell has put together a great 90 minute narrative sermon film from his tour of the same name called The Gods Aren't Angry. At times humorous, allowing the concentration impaired a moment to regroup from the monologue's content, Bell is subtly and daringly subversive in his examination of the gods in not only caveman and modern religions alike, he starts to chip away at the widespread understanding of the God of Christianity and Judaism. Ever wonder about the crazy story of Abraham almost killing Isaac? Think that the traditional/orthodox/violent understanding of atonement through blood sacrifice doesn't make sense or seem right? Think Rob Bell can't weave a good argument into an emotional story?

I was commenting to my brother-in-law, Jonathan, about how about an hour in I paused the DVD, turned to Megan, my wife, and said, "You know, he called the ____ belief of the ancient religions ridiculous, and then said how Jesus negated the need for _____, but I bet he's not going to touch then why what Jesus did was even necessary." But he does. I give Rob Bell a lot of credit for it too. I'd have to watch it quite a bit more to see if I'd get to the answer the same way but I find the end product it very satisfying. As Jonathan put it: "He isn't saying that these are my opinions. He is showing them as historical fact." And that my friends makes his point all the stronger.

Is it the best thing ever? No. But it does a good job of answering a big question those outside of Christianity of have been asking for centuries, the same one those inside SHOULD be asking as well.

You can find the trailer here.

Thanks Jonathan for the lend.


Dean said...

looks like an interesting film...the dilemma of the actions of OT gods always sorta bugged and interested me, I would love to hear the story bell weaves. Would I be able to borrow it sometime?

chrisflinchbaugh said...


Jonathan, my brother-in-law, lent it to me but I already gave it back so no luck there.

If I do get a hold of another copy I'd be happy to pass it on. Great discussion piece.

Shawn said...

I have a copy of this one ... and a copy of Everything is Spiritual too. I think Keith still has one of them.

Dean said...

sweet. I'll be over sometime to borrow whichever one you have. thanks

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