16 April 2010

QUOTE OF NOTE: Ray Adkins on divine revelation

This gem came from one of many Facebook discussions based on a blog post by Shawn Anthony over at LoFitribe.com . Cheers to all the participants and most of all to my friend and conversational sparring buddy Ray.

"I guess the answer I've found is that you don't need a single word of the Bible for divine revelation. The ancient word of God is riddled in mystery and cryptography. The cold truth of the matter is that the word of God is not confined to some book, it's everywhere. I've found God and Jesus without it, and the more I look, the easier it is to find the Word here and now then it is to attempt to decipher works that are thousands of years old. From what I've read and heard, maybe that was Jesus' true message: 'Your religion sucks. You've bound yourselves by its rules, and you can't see what's right because of it.' The world's not evenly divided into right or wrong, so how can such a timeworn set of rules stay relevant in a changing world?"

 - Raymond Adkins

Edit: You can read more from Ray at 

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