31 May 2010


Tonight at Target, while fruitlessly looking for something I didn't find at Home Depot or Lowes, it dawned on me that I should bring a chocolate bar home for my wife.

Working for a natural foods store I generally have no shortage of access to tasty vegan chocolate. Usually at mainstream retailers -- book, big box, and grocery -- the only "dark" chocolates available have at least one form of milk inside which is puzzling if they are trying to get dark chocolate customers to buy them. For most of Target's selection this held true but there were a few that did not.

Ritter Sport is a brand I had not tired before. The packaging had a vague European look it... yeah the "100g" is a bit of giveaway I now realize... and since the Europeans tend to take their chocolate a bit more seriously I decided to actually flip one over to read the ingredients. Of the four varieties there, two were vegan: Marzipan and Dark.

How were they? Curiosity got the best of me, I tried some of both on the way home. Thankfully I bought one of each otherwise there may not have been much left for Megan. They both delicious. If you haven't ever tried a Marzipan chocolate, and aren't allergic to almonds, do give this one a try. The ground up almonds add a fluffy, light texture and flavor to the solid mildly sweet dark chocolate foundation of this bar.

I hope they never change these bars.

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