28 December 2010


A display table of gift ideas at a local supermarket in December.

While you are recovering from this year's bout in the Christmas Wars and deciding toward which side you'll end up for the next one, consider this image as metaphor for what might actually be going on. In other words, if one is so concerned with either (1) "keeping Christ in Christmas" which now seems little to do with eschewing the "X-Mas" substitution and instead purely figurative or (2) forcing Jesus on people by saying "Merry Christmas" to people who might not celebrate it perhaps the Jesus-centered idea of Christmas isn't under attack by those things but instead the attack is illustrated in coincidental messages in the image above. What messages do you see?

Happy holidays! Yes, New Years (here) and King's Day (Spain), among others, are yet to come.


Matt Ralph said...

This is what comes to mind when I view this photo:

Very serious things like the birth of Christ and warfare are easily reduced to cheap, plastic and clearance-rack worthy "products" in our throwaway society.

Otherwise, a few things come to mind:

1. Xmas is not a substitution since X is a symbol for Christ.

2. It makes more sense to say Merry Christmas now than it did two weeks ago since it still is technically Christmas on the church calendar.

3. I don't think saying Merry Christmas is forcing Jesus on anyone. I think it's more a case of forcing ourselves on other people since Christmas has become more about celebrating ourselves with cheap products that make the economy go around than it has about anything religious or spiritual.

chrisflinchbaugh said...

I agree Matt. When I said about forcing Jesus I really meant our own visions of His religion which is at least partly just ourselves. I loved your observations.

I thought it was interesting that Jesus, a symbol of peace, and a tank, a symbol of violence, were both good gifts for the same holiday.

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