11 January 2011


An excerpt from a statement by the Friends Commitee on National Legislation regarding the January 8 Tuscon Shootings:

Found among many others in the square of Manheim, PA.
"The shooting rampage appears to have been the act of a single disturbed person. His actions take place, however, in a culture where violence and demonization of those with whom we disagree appear to prevail. When violent metaphors permeate our society's discourse, we risk making violence more acceptable. Verbal violence, even if used without ill intent, may sow the seeds of hate and physical violence."

I couldn't agree more. Most of us are guilty of using violent metaphors whether as a joke, to gloat when a favorite sporting event goes our way, or in anger. Hopefully this sad event and the dialog surrounding it, although somewhat polarized and blame happy, gets us all to do a little self-investigation. As a father-to-be, I ask, "What are we teaching our children through this?"

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