27 February 2011



LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo.

I am excited, and proud, that Rob Bell has very publicly gone out on a limb to bring these essential questions into the mainstream of Christian culture. Whether you think they've already been sufficiently addressed or didn't know they existed, I encourage you to take the time for self-investigation and open discussion on this topic with good friends. Don't live in fear. Don't believe in fear.


Matt Ralph said...

I shouldn't be surprised but I still am that by simply asking questions like this Rob Bell has been labeled a heretic (yet again) by the online Calvinist mafia.

Yana said...

just found your blog through your FB. I'm gonna do some reading, but for now let me say:

I have just started reading this book, and I am so exited too. And proud. I love when people ask questions and challenge things.

I'd love to get all our friends to read this and then we can have a big discussion. Chris, I'm feeling a book club coming on!


chrisflinchbaugh said...

Yana - I still haven't picked it up but would love to especially if a book discussion would work. Any ideas for interested folks and how we could break up the book to keep people interested over not too long a time? I assume Chris would be on board.

I'm game if we can make the distance work.

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