02 February 2011



If you have access to IFC via cable, satellite, or the internet, may I recommend to you the invention of SNL's  Fred Armisen and Sleater Kinney's Carrie Brownstein: Portlandia. From an elitist Feminist bookstore and the loca-vore/organic/cruelty-free movement to radical cyclists, Portlandia has a lot of fun showing how things get a little crazy even in great ideas.

So far, Steve Buscemi, Kyle Mclaughlin, and other notable fine thespians have been guests. Now I caution you if you can't take a little ribbing about things you might be passionate about or edgy humor, but otherwise do take a trip to where the dream of the 90s lives on. Episode 3 of 6 will be on this Friday. Here are some clips:

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Matt Ralph said...

I've really enjoyed all the clips I've seen of the show so far. "The dream of the '90s is alive in Portland." I can't imagine the show lasting a long time, but it will be fun watching it while it does.

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