15 March 2011


Last night's Newsweek interview of Rob Bell by Lisa Miller about Rob's new book, Love Wins, which released today. I like the way Rob turns some of the questions to what really matters. Reminds me of Jesus' way.

Watch live streaming video from lovewins at livestream.com


Jeremy said...

I have been praying that this was just a bad joke, but he is leading people to that imaginary place he thinks doesn't exist. HELL is a real place. Jesus died for a reason! Sin keeps us from heaven without Christ!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy - You've experienced this "hell," I assume?

You are creating God in your own image. Stop it. That's a sin.

chrisflinchbaugh said...

Hello Jeremy.

Having watched Rob's interview and read some actual reviews of his book I didn't get the impression that Rob was espousing anything that would warrant one being condemned to hell even with a VERY orthodox version of Christianity. I'm curious why you think that he does and that in so doing he leads people to hell.

When we clarify what you mean, we can talk more about hell and what statements of Rob's offend you.

Aaron Royer said...

FYI, youdontactuallyneedanaddress@happypants.com will work for an email address to watch the video.

Hope that helps!

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