18 June 2011



This sweet combination of, mainly, chocolate, coffee, sugar, coconut, and oats is often made by children in it's native land of Sweden. My wife and I discovered them for the first time after a long shopping trip at IKEA in their little food market. I think we ate most of the box on the way home. Each time we've been back since we've ended up taking more boxes home with us than we had before. Last time we even found a recipe card for a version of the chokladboll. Making my own excited me to no end.

A few months later I remembered the card and gave it a try. It was good but different. The mousse-like taste I was accustomed to was gone and overall it was a bit dry and not-sweet. I started looking on the internet for other versions and found quite a few. So far I've made it at least five or six ways, and after adjusting each recipe with bits of others, this is the one I've come up with that I love. 

Note: I try to restrict myself to one or two of these a day when they are around. Good luck with that. 



3 1/2 cups quick oats [generic store brand]

2 cups powdered/confectioners/12x sugar [Wholesome Sweeteners Organic….]

6 Tbsp baking cocoa powder [Equal Exchange Organic, Fair Trade…]

1 tsp vanilla extract [Frontier Organic…] added with the coffee

2/3 cup non-dairy butter [Earth Balance Original…]

8 Tbsp cold, very strong coffee: at least double-strength*

Flaked unsweetened coconut

* With prescribed liquid amount: make using (A) two cups worth of coffee powder brewed, (B) two servings of instant powder dissolved, or (C) espresso shots. Adjust potency as you like. Regular or decaf. 
1. Brew coffee with one of the above methods.
2. Mix oats, sugar, and cocoa in a large bowl.

3. Incorporate (stir and mash) butter into the dry ingredients until the consistency is even.

4. Combine cold coffee and vanilla extract and add to the mixed ingredients. Mix until incorporated.

5. Line a small bowl or pan with flaked coconut. You can add more as needed.

6. With your hands, roll the dough into 3 cm (1 inch) diameter balls. Resist the urge to make the ball bigger. A quarter size or smaller is ideal both to keep it together and for enjoyment.

7. Roll each ball in the coconut and place on a tray
8. Chill chocolate balls for a few hours before serving. And as long as you can in the summer!

Number of servings: about 30 chokladboll.

The final product.

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We at The Greater Goodies think your chocolate dessert is yummy!

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