14 September 2012



Derek Webb
Derek Webb has been one of my favorite musical artists since 2005's, boundary pushing, Mockingbird. His songwriting excels at truth telling in a way that is often melodically catchy while likely to inspire goosebumps through a twist of phrase and the sweep of an arrangement. Think: a less jaded David Bazan (Pedro the Lion). For Ctrl, Webb gives us ten songs about our collective relationship with technology and reality based on some of his own experiences/struggles. It's stunningly disconcerting and compelling. Truly, Ctrl is a prophetic (read: time-telling) album for our present and modern age.

He's also written an eye-opening post on the present state of the music business from the perspective of an artist covering everything from direct-legal free music to Spotify/subscription services and the reality of continuing to make music.   
His new album: Ctrl 

Go ahead, give the album a try with a free-legal three song download from Noisetrade.And then you can get download it from iTunesAmazon, or from Derek.

While you're at it, iTunes has most of his other albums on sale for $4.99 each. Quite a deal.

If there's one thing Derek's work doesn't do, it's letting you continue to live blindly. So, don't bother listening or reading his stuff if that's  part of your plan.

Confession: Up until yesterday, I never bought an album digitally opting instead for the physical store-bought copy. Ctrl changed that. Seems appropriate doesn't it?

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