19 December 2013

BRIEF THOUGHTS: On the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson comment controversy

I don't have an opinion on it being right or wrong for A&E to cut ties with this particular family member for his comments about homosexuality (or race). Do I agree with said comments? Not at all and I think the linked article from The Atlantic is correct in calling attention to the race related ones.

Back to the controversy, A&E has likely made a decision based on business and USUALLY this is applauded as a RIGHT by conservative Christians that should be celebrated as patriotic and freedom loving. Honestly it's natural to hedge a bit on one's political ideology when a greater threat is perceived and non-conservative (non) Christians do it all the time..... But maybe A&E, in spite of all its not-so-Biography-like (less high-brow) programming these days, has made its own moral call to not be associated with people who publicly equate homosexuality with the supposed potential societal slip into commonplace beastiality. Perhaps A&E believe's, whether for PR or not, that his comments are on a different side of history than they want to be on.

If this was an attack on Christianity, as many of the outraged have said, then do you really think they would have aired this family's story to begin with?! Christianity IS NOT synonymous with these comments by Phil Robertson. There are many views within what is broadly considered "Christian". And, in any case, these comments aren't the focus (or even on the textual radar) of the supposed figurehead of the faith. So, my conservative Christian brothers and sisters, rest assured you aren't being persecuted for your faith this looks nothing like that.

The Real Duck Dynasty Scandal: Phil Robertson's Comments on Race

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