updated Spring 2010
- Formative works and hurdles in my spiritual journey and worldview. 

The Prophetic Imagination / Walter Brueggemann
The Irresistible Revolution / Shane Claiborne  
Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography / John Dominic Crossan
The God Delusion / Richard Dawkins
Misquoting Jesus / Bart Ehrman
Celebration of Discipline / Richard J Foster
The Upside-Down Kingdom / Donald B Kraybill
The Secret Message of Jesus / Brian D McLaren
Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger / Ronald J Sider
Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire / Brian J Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat
The Transforming Vision: Shaping a Christian Worldview / Brian J Walsh and J Richard Middleton
The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions /NT Wright and Marcus Borg
The Bible: New Revised Standard Version

updated October 2010

All Star Superman / Grant Morrison, Frank Quietly, and Jamie Grant 

Crisis On Infinite Earths Marv Wolfman, George Perez, and Jerry Ordway 
The Flash: Dead Heat / Mark Waid, Oscar Jimenz, Humberto Ramos, Jose Marzan Jr, and Wayne Faucher The Flash: Terminal Velocity / Mark Waid, Salvador Larrocca, Jose Marzan Jr, Carlos Pacheco, Mike Wieringo, Oscar Jimenez... 
The Greatest Flash Stories Ever Told (1991 version) / Gardner Fox, Harry Lampert, Robert Bloch, E. E. Hibbard, Joe Kubert, Lee Elias, Robert Kanigher, Carmine Infantino, John Broome, Cary Bates, Ross Andru, Irv Novick, Mark Baron, Jackson Guice
JSA: The Golden Age / James Robinson and Paul Smith 

Justice Society of America: The Next Age (2006 series, volume 1) / Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham
Kingdom Come / Mark Waid and Alex Ross 

Watchmen / Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

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